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Agape Academy & Child Development is open year round. The academic year begins in early August and ends the first week of June. During the summer months our school continues, but in a much more relaxed atmosphere, where we incorporate swimming, bowling and everyday field trips. The children host cookouts, park activities, carnivals, Christmas in July and talent events.

Latch Key

Agape provides early morning and late evening latch key service. Our buses transport children to and from local schools. Latch key becomes an all day event when area schools are closed. Latch key participants are provided with a snack upon arrival and given the opportunity to do their homework with the assistance of our capable teachers. Activities are available, including outside play. After six p.m. our latchkey (now evening care) will enjoy dinner, reading time (occasional movie) and a mat for rest. They are kept in a safe and nurturing environment until their parent arrives.

Drama Club

Agape ‘s drama club, under the direction of a local actor, Mrs. Kennetha Paris, teaches more than acting, but poise, language skills and movement. The club builds their own props and assist in the screenplay.

Dance Team

Agape has several dance teams, dependant on the student’s age. They are taught dramatic dance with full expression. The students perform at local community centers, other schools and nursing homes throughout the year under the direction of Ms. Angela Wilson.

Agape Steppers

Fraternity and sorority step number are practiced here. Agape was probably the first school to introduce stepping to its student body. It can now be found at most schools.

The male steppers are know as the Gentlemen of Agape and the girls are the Lady Steppers for Christ,. They perform throughout St. Louis. They learn routines under the director of Mr. Jamahl Jennings, (former Agape students and now high school students) and Ms. Donna Griffin.


Parents of AGAPE Academy & Child Development Center are the coaches for this winning team. Students (co-ed) participate from grades 4th through 8th. Several trophies are exhibited in Agape’s entrance way, flaunting their winning spirit.

Mime Team and Sign Language

Under the direction of Melanie Spearmen students learn to help students acquire conversational ability in ASL(American Sign language) and an awareness and appreciation of deaf people. Children need to be encouraged in ways that help them to make their inner life visible without words. A session of mime fits very well into a dance and movement session. Our Mime Team not only learn these functional skilsets but also participate in annual performances.

Agape’ offers afterschool tutoring from our own Academy teachers, and homework assistance

Agape’ is opened until midnight.


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